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Thomas, Kate & Mary Ellen

Aren’t they adorable?  This is one of my FAVORITE families – and no, I don’t say that about just anyone.  Just all my clients.  : )

But it’s true that I hold these sweet folks dear to my heart – I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Angela since we were in college, and we re-connected when our children became best friends in their 1st grade class last year.  If Thomas and Meg do get married (as they have told us they will), these will be her in-laws!  She’d have to be insanely lucky to do better, that’s for certain!

Thomas is a very good big brother, considering he’s outnumbered.  He has a very healthy love for Scooby-Doo cartoons, but also can play house, begrudgingly.  Kate and Mary Ellen do take it easy on him, though, and Kate is more likely to tag along with big brother if there’s fun involved.  But, oh, that Mary Ellen.  So curious.  So happy.  And just pulling up to stand, so you know she’s getting ready to be trouble!


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