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Birth Day: Joshua

There are few things more exciting than a birth day.  Not any old birthday,  but the first one- the one that starts them all.  Nervous fathers, nervous grandparents, moms that are ready to see the person who has been giving them those 9 months of anticipation and discomfort.  Ever notice I love photographing situations with high drama?

Jayne is a fellow photographer, collaborator in k2j projects, and very close family friend.  She and her husband, Mike, let me photograph the debut of their third child- FINALLY a boy (after two girls!), and he had been hanging around a week or so after his due date, so Jayne was scheduled for induction.  I had been waiting patiently with my phone in hand for weeks for this day, and was delighted that they could actually give me a time and date to arrive to photograph Joshua’s big debut.

Jayne spent the first few hours grinning, on FaceBook via her phone, and generally cracking us all up.  Induced labor is no day at the park, though, and once active labor started, it was all business getting that baby OUT and into the arms of his parents.

Birth photography is not for the weak of heart- it is a powerful, moving experience to hear what a woman goes through bringing another life into this world.  It’s also a little like Vegas- what happens and is said in the delivery room, STAYS in the delivery room. : )

Happy birth day, Joshie- welcome to the world!


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