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Julian, Dan & Simeon

Sometimes a client comes along that makes you work in ways you never imagined.  Meet Julian, Dan and Simeon- three Dutch ex-pats who stole my heart!  This family offered me one of my most mentally challenging sessions- Julian (the oldest) spoke English and Dutch, Dan (the middlest) spoke only Dutch, and Simeon (the youngest) really only spoke English.  My brain worked overtime, fighting to remember basic phrases and commands that I hadn’t thought about in almost a year, peppering them in between instructions in English for the rest of the family!  We all made it through in one piece, though, and had such fun- these guys, just like most kids, LOVED my pet chicken and ran her all over the house and yard.

Silvie (aka, Mom) is a writer, and publishes a blog about her life here in America, and the challenges she faces as an ex-pat and a mother of a child with Down Syndrome.  I previously worked with her to create images to go with an article she wrote about the differences between how Texas and Holland support individuals with mental disabilites, which was published in a Dutch journal earlier this year.  She is passionate about her children, and involved with the Clear Lake Families Exploring Down Syndrome organization that I frequently volunteer for

If it’s not already apparent, Julian is (like every other kid we know) insane about SillyBandz.  I kept asking how his hand wasn’t falling off, but he assured me that he did get some blood flow to his fingers.  It was fun to watch Simeon’s parents watch Simeon- he only spoke English with me, and his parents thought it was ADORABLE to hear how well he spoke!  (Something I could relate to 100% from our time in Holland.)  Dan ran the show, though, quite literally- he is such a bundle of energy and happiness, and it was hard to keep him from expressing his excitement at times!  These three were such loving brothers, looking out for one another as they played and ran around between photos, and at the same time making each other crazy as brothers often do.  Dan managed to knock Julian down at one point causing him to really bonk his leg- the only one more concerned than Mom and Dad was Dan, though.  The sweet, loving moments between these brothers were so very wonderfully true- it was such a joy to spend the afternoon with them!


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