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Is two a kid or a toddler?  Those first forays into independence.  Mastery of the word “no!”  The start of communicating exactly what’s going on inside that cute little head.  No longer teetering and unsure in step, but running, and often running and multitasking, like shouting “no!” or dragging something along for the ride.  Two is so close to kid, but just not quite.


Abi is SO very two- with her curiosity about the world around her, bold independent streak and firm grasp of “no!”  But with that, a wider streak of sweetness, and those blue eyes and chunky cheeks, and her Doh-doh monkey in tow.  Considering it was about 98 degrees that day, Abi was a real trooper and handled the short bouts of shooting peppered with trips to sit in the air-conditioned car and sip Sprite and eat Goldfish to recharge from the heat.


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