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Michelle & Victor

I love weddings.  I’m pretty sure I will start every wedding blog post with that statement, but it’s true.  That first day of two-ness.  Showing the world that you love madly, deeply, and loudly this other person before you.  I get all chill-bumpy just thinking about it!

My family is a blended family: my mom re-married when I was in college, and I got an older brother and sister out of the deal.  And a dad who understood me a little too well, as we are almost the same person.  We started out as two families, then joined as one.  It is a lucky, lucky thing.

Michelle and Victor were high school sweethearts who grew up, married other people and had families of their own.  As years passed and their marriages ended, they found each other again and discovered that the love that started in their youth was still there!  (Don’t you love a good love story?)  So, with their three children (two his, one hers), they hosted a beautiful wedding in the Heights Gazebo and tied one great big family knot.

To me, the most touching part of the entire ceremony was that family was the heart of their new union.  The daughters were the flower girls, the son the best man.  To love and care for each others’ children was woven into their vows.  The entire family lit the unity candle together.  There was even a family hug after the recessional.  Talk about chill-bumps!

So, to Michelle & Victor & the family, thanks for letting me photograph your day!


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