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The H Family, In Three Parts. (Soon To Be Four!)


(Part One!)  New baby excitement strikes even the youngest face in this wonderful family!  “We don’t know what the baby is going to be!” she declared.  As she pressed her ear to her mommy’s round tummy, I asked, Would it be an alligator?  A dinosaur?  A kangaroo?  A pumpkin?  Big sister Kaitlyn giggled and giggled as we talked about the family’s upcoming new member, who was a complete mystery.  She assured me it would be a person, just a little baby person.

She had answers for all my questions.  She was an absolute baby expert!  The baby will sleep in their own room, and it’s yellow.  The baby won’t take her toys at first, they will be too little.  The baby won’t boss her around, that’s HER job.  When the baby is older, of course.

Her wait was almost over… just a few days after our session her baby sister was born.


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