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Raphael and Gabriel

IMG_5266I love kids with big personalities.  Kids who have ideas and aren’t afraid to share them.  Kids who speak and you catch a glimpse into the hilarious world that is their brain.  Kids with vocabularies that make your eyebrows hit your hairline.

Meet Raphael- he’s five.  From the minute our session started, he was Mister Communication- he had ideas about what he thought would look good, how to get his brother to be still, what he should be wearing, and I loved every second of it!  At the end of the session, he took over- changed into a tie and newsboy hat and hammed it up BIG time for me.

Isn’t little Gabriel a doll?  I love toddler giggles, and the wonder that so easily fills their eyes.  It was so easy to capture the love that radiated from each of them in their family shots, they’re such a sweet family, and an absolute joy to work with.


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