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Isabelle and Tyler

KBN5D_333793All the sweet newness of a brand new baby with a heaping side of giggly, rambunctious toddler- that was our session with Isabelle and Tyler!

Jayne and I headed out to Sugarland to photograph these cuties the first week of October.  Isabelle is as whispery sweet as cotton candy, and fell so very sound asleep for us that she hardly noticed all the cooing and awww-ing we did during her session.

Tyler is three going on 30 and LOVES his mom’s iPhone.  Also pirates.  And rocket ships.  He showed us his toy train that had REAL smoke that came out of the smokestack, and showed us where he keeps his pirate swords and baseball bats- under the bed in a flat storage box (smart mom!).  Such a bright and happy boy!


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