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Kathryn & Ryan

My husband’s family went to northeast Texas this weekend to be part of a wonderful surprise engagement this weekend, and I was so lucky to serve as the event photographer!  Ryan, my sister-in-law Kathryn’s boyfriend, had spent the last 3 months putting together an impressively planned-out proposal, and we all were able to keep it secret from her, which is a miracle!

Ryan popped the question at his dad’s ranch, a property he grew up going to for weekends to run amok in nature with his family, and then later bringing his daughters to do the same.  They brought Kathryn out there under the guise of a relaxing weekend away, and she was looking forward to their rituals- a long walk down the county road adjacent to the property, riding the go-kart with the girls and being “unplugged” for a few days from phones and internet.

Needless to say, she didn’t get that quiet weekend.  I think she’s ok with that. :)

Our family drove up Saturday morning, then hid in a nearby park until we got the “all clear” to head over to the ranch, hid our cars at the neighbor’s house and then we waited while Ryan and Kathryn finished their walk.  I hid upstairs in the main house, which is under construction, and photographed everything out the upstairs balcony.  After Kathryn said yes, the entire family cheered from the front porch of the Bird Cottage, and then the hugs, congratulations, and celebration began!

The most beautiful part of the entire proposal to me was the involvement of Ryan’s three daughters- all three participated by giving Kathryn a flower and a huge hug, and the oldest daughter was one of the primary secret-keepers as well as the sneaky ring-deliverer!  (If you look closely during the slideshow below, you will see her holding the ring box behind her back, and the sneaky hand-off to Ryan behind Kathryn’s head as she hugs her- great job, Haley!!)  Those four people are the world to Kathryn, and it was very evident that the feeling is mutual.  The youngest told Kathryn, “Thank you for loving us so much” as she handed over her flower- that puts tears in my eyes every time I think about it!


(PS- large video files, give them a few minutes to load…)

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