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Is two a kid or a toddler?  Those first forays into independence.  Mastery of the word “no!”  The start of communicating exactly what’s going on inside that cute little head.  No longer teetering and unsure in step, but running, and often running and multitasking, like shouting “no!” or dragging something along for the ride.  Two is so close to kid, but just not quite.


Abi is SO very two- with her curiosity about the world around her, bold independent streak and firm grasp of “no!”  But with that, a wider streak of sweetness, and those blue eyes and chunky cheeks, and her Doh-doh monkey in tow.  Considering it was about 98 degrees that day, Abi was a real trooper and handled the short bouts of shooting peppered with trips to sit in the air-conditioned car and sip Sprite and eat Goldfish to recharge from the heat.


Davis and Hudson

Ready for some heartbreak?  Here is Kari Noser Photography’s very own FaceBook poster-boy, Davis, all grown up. And his totally adorable little brother Hudson.  (If you’re not already a fan of KNP on FaceBook, click here!)

One of the greatest parts of being a photographer is watching your clients grow up. Davis was one of my last clients before we moved to the Netherlands in 2008- he was just a year old, serious as a bureaucrat, and one of those big, chunky, delicious babies with the eyes of a much older soul.  Needless to say, I love him to pieces.

Now Davis is turning three, and is still very serious, but cuts loose when you put a guitar in his hands. While I was trying to photograph Hudson, Davis serenaded me with hits like “Jesus Loves Me” and “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain.” Gone are the yummy baby rolls, and in their place are all the trappings of a big boy- the words to start and express what’s going on behind those big blue eyes, a smidge of defiance, and a huge curiosity about the world around him.

Hudson is 100% different from his brother- as smiley as Davis was serious, as long and lean as Davis was pudge.

One of the tricky parts of being a photographer is that often the youngest person involved in a session can dictate what happens.  The stomach flu is going around like mad right now (so go Purell your hands after reading this!) and I had TWO sessions reschedule the same week of this shoot because of illness!  Hudson was such a trooper- his mom knew something was off with him that day, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  He wanted to smile and be happy, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  After we saw he was just getting more worn out and less happy to be photographed, I made another date to try again.  Late that night, Hudson let his family know he had the stomach flu.

If you ever wondered how on earth I get such wonderful looks from kids in my portraits, it’s because I talk a constant stream of utter nonsense while I photograph them. Some kids eat it up and give me big laughs and smiles. Others, like Davis, look at me like I’m completely insane, and they’re trying to figure out what is wrong with me.  During the warm-up time before I started shooting, Davis showed me a toy with a cow on it, which created this entire conversation I held with him about his pet cow- where he keeps his cow, what he feeds his cow, where he got his pet cow… Davis, in his no-nonsense way of things, kept trying to tell me that he has NO pet cow, and that cows live on farms.  Disregarding his total grip on reality, I continued to ask what his cow’s name is, and if it takes a bath in the bathtub, etc.  Well, you can see in the gallery below just how things progressed.


Raphael and Gabriel

IMG_5266I love kids with big personalities.  Kids who have ideas and aren’t afraid to share them.  Kids who speak and you catch a glimpse into the hilarious world that is their brain.  Kids with vocabularies that make your eyebrows hit your hairline.

Meet Raphael- he’s five.  From the minute our session started, he was Mister Communication- he had ideas about what he thought would look good, how to get his brother to be still, what he should be wearing, and I loved every second of it!  At the end of the session, he took over- changed into a tie and newsboy hat and hammed it up BIG time for me.

Isn’t little Gabriel a doll?  I love toddler giggles, and the wonder that so easily fills their eyes.  It was so easy to capture the love that radiated from each of them in their family shots, they’re such a sweet family, and an absolute joy to work with.


Isabelle and Tyler

KBN5D_333793All the sweet newness of a brand new baby with a heaping side of giggly, rambunctious toddler- that was our session with Isabelle and Tyler!

Jayne and I headed out to Sugarland to photograph these cuties the first week of October.  Isabelle is as whispery sweet as cotton candy, and fell so very sound asleep for us that she hardly noticed all the cooing and awww-ing we did during her session.

Tyler is three going on 30 and LOVES his mom’s iPhone.  Also pirates.  And rocket ships.  He showed us his toy train that had REAL smoke that came out of the smokestack, and showed us where he keeps his pirate swords and baseball bats- under the bed in a flat storage box (smart mom!).  Such a bright and happy boy!


Alex, Andrew and Mattie

Business Card KBN5D_31374Three boys.  THREE boys.  Three BOYS.  Alex just turned six, Andrew is almost four, and Mattie will be two.  They are a force to be reckoned with- three little whirling dervishes, tasmanian devils in Gap Kids clothes, a box of Super Bouncy Balls dropped in a tiled room!  (Needless to say, their mother is a total saint.)

But oh, how much FUN they are!  Alex learned all the words to “On Top of Spagehtti” and was our savior in keeping the younger brothers from running away.  Mattie kept tabs on where the football was, and was enchanted by the birds that live in my camera.  But Andrew… oh, where do I start with Andrew?  He kept trying to keep us safe from the sharks and terrible pirates, no matter how many times we told him that BOTH sharks AND pirates take a nap during the morning.  Maybe I have a soft spot for the middle child, but I just thought he was the cutest thing!  I know parents can’t pick favorites, but can their photographer?

(PS – These brothers have the honor of gracing the front of not ONE, but TWO of my new buisness card styles!  The first is above, the second in the gallery below. )


Everett and Natalie


I am infinitely fortunate to be surrounded by talented and amazing people- one thing I missed the most while I was away was my network of artists and photographers here in Houston.  The minute I was back home, I started reconnecting and networking again to get back in my creative groove.

My long-time friend and mentor, Jayne Maltbie (http://www.jaynemaltbie.com), has allowed me to assist and second-shoot some of her sessions since my return.  Jayne and I worked together on many occasions before I left for Holland- we even shot a wedding together the month I left!  We have similar styles and overlapping talents- but more on that later.

The first session I worked with Jayne was for a local family of four, including lively 3 year-old Everett and his sweet 2 month-old sister Natalie.  They were such a treat- Natalie even fell asleep for us for awhile, which always yields such peaceful portraits.

I love collaboration- how creative minds can produce exponentially more than they can alone!  It’s also an inspiration to witness Jayne in action- she is incredible at what she does, and watching kids light up for her is such a treat.  Fortunately for me, I have been able to help Jayne alot over the past month and a half, and we have a few exciting projects coming up – stay tuned!