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Welcome to the world, little one.  May your life be filled with love, joy and happiness beyond your parents’ wildest dreams.



(Digital birth announcements now available with Kari Noser Photography Birth Day coverage!)

http://www.karinoserphotography.com/wp-contents/uploads/2011/03/TJCY.m4v  (for the flash-impaired)

Welcoming Zane


How about that smile?!?  Doesn’t it just melt your heart?  Meet Zane, who has eyes as blue as a brand-new pair of Levi’s 501 jeans.  This sleepy little man was just a few days from being baptized, so I came over to take his announcement photos and just fell in love.  With Zane?  Well, of course.  I’m a sucker for a pair of deep blue peepers.  But also with Ellie, his Irish Wolfhound big sister, who I got to hang around with while Zane did some wardrobe changes.

Thomas, Kate & Mary Ellen

Aren’t they adorable?  This is one of my FAVORITE families – and no, I don’t say that about just anyone.  Just all my clients.  : )

But it’s true that I hold these sweet folks dear to my heart – I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Angela since we were in college, and we re-connected when our children became best friends in their 1st grade class last year.  If Thomas and Meg do get married (as they have told us they will), these will be her in-laws!  She’d have to be insanely lucky to do better, that’s for certain!

Thomas is a very good big brother, considering he’s outnumbered.  He has a very healthy love for Scooby-Doo cartoons, but also can play house, begrudgingly.  Kate and Mary Ellen do take it easy on him, though, and Kate is more likely to tag along with big brother if there’s fun involved.  But, oh, that Mary Ellen.  So curious.  So happy.  And just pulling up to stand, so you know she’s getting ready to be trouble!


Amelia, 3 Months

I love having Baby Plan clients- getting to see these beautiful babies every 3 months or so, capturing the fantastic stages of babyhood: maternity bellies, newborn sighs, first smiles, proud push-ups, energetic crawling, bold first steps.  You may recognize Miss Amelia from her newborn debut just a few months back, or you may not- now that she has shed the sleepiness of those first three months, her eyes are open wide, and her smile is making parents and rooms light up!  This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of this blue-eyed beauty, so stay tuned!


Birth Day: Joshua

There are few things more exciting than a birth day.  Not any old birthday,  but the first one- the one that starts them all.  Nervous fathers, nervous grandparents, moms that are ready to see the person who has been giving them those 9 months of anticipation and discomfort.  Ever notice I love photographing situations with high drama?

Jayne is a fellow photographer, collaborator in k2j projects, and very close family friend.  She and her husband, Mike, let me photograph the debut of their third child- FINALLY a boy (after two girls!), and he had been hanging around a week or so after his due date, so Jayne was scheduled for induction.  I had been waiting patiently with my phone in hand for weeks for this day, and was delighted that they could actually give me a time and date to arrive to photograph Joshua’s big debut.

Jayne spent the first few hours grinning, on FaceBook via her phone, and generally cracking us all up.  Induced labor is no day at the park, though, and once active labor started, it was all business getting that baby OUT and into the arms of his parents.

Birth photography is not for the weak of heart- it is a powerful, moving experience to hear what a woman goes through bringing another life into this world.  It’s also a little like Vegas- what happens and is said in the delivery room, STAYS in the delivery room. : )

Happy birth day, Joshie- welcome to the world!


Baby Amelia

IMG_8295(The H Family, Part Two!)  Whisper-soft baby skin.  Tiny little sounds.  Sweet baby smell.  Who would guess that I LOVE being a photographer almost as much as I love babies?  Just a few short weeks after my first session with the H family I came back to photograph the newest addition, little Miss Amelia.

This was such a fun session- with silly, ham-sandwich Kaitlyn who is super-proud of her baby sister, and mom glowing with joy for her family… and Amelia, just absolutely perfect.  Stay tuned for part three!



KBN5D_334529I know, right?  Isn’t she so sqooshably delicious and chunky?!?  And what a complete doll- I never saw her have an unhappy moment the whole morning!  Miss Peyton was a delight to work with- she was older than I typically see for a newborn session at a little over 6 weeks old, and smiled and smiled for us all.  Adorable baby, beautiful family, gorgeous weather- everything you could possibly want for a session!


Isabelle and Tyler

KBN5D_333793All the sweet newness of a brand new baby with a heaping side of giggly, rambunctious toddler- that was our session with Isabelle and Tyler!

Jayne and I headed out to Sugarland to photograph these cuties the first week of October.  Isabelle is as whispery sweet as cotton candy, and fell so very sound asleep for us that she hardly noticed all the cooing and awww-ing we did during her session.

Tyler is three going on 30 and LOVES his mom’s iPhone.  Also pirates.  And rocket ships.  He showed us his toy train that had REAL smoke that came out of the smokestack, and showed us where he keeps his pirate swords and baseball bats- under the bed in a flat storage box (smart mom!).  Such a bright and happy boy!



KBN5D_30846Isn’t she just delicious?  Third up with working with the fabulous Jayne Maltbie (http://www.jaynemaltbie.com) was another baby girl, also 3 weeks old, who not only got dad’s eyes, but his hair, too!  Another great sleeper- little Ava fell fast asleep and was wonderfully compliant through all our posing and shooting and ooohing and aaahhing.  Beautiful baby, beautiful family!




More collaboration with the talented Jayne Maltbie (http://www.jaynemaltbie.com).  Second up was a shoot full of sweet baby breath, with a precious 3-week-old baby Lauren who slept like a rock half the session.  In the past, I may have had a reputation for working with totally awake babies.  It may have been labeled a curse, or at least an unfortunate coincidence.  With my first shoot this year with Jayne, I stayed out of the room when our client finally managed to get her daughter to sleep, but finally was able to sneak in and be in the same room without waking her up- the curse was broken!

I didn’t realize just how broken my curse was – we had problems waking this little cutie up!  Lauren was such a doll- check out those gorgeous eyelashes and her sweet little mouth.  Just smoochable!


Everett and Natalie


I am infinitely fortunate to be surrounded by talented and amazing people- one thing I missed the most while I was away was my network of artists and photographers here in Houston.  The minute I was back home, I started reconnecting and networking again to get back in my creative groove.

My long-time friend and mentor, Jayne Maltbie (http://www.jaynemaltbie.com), has allowed me to assist and second-shoot some of her sessions since my return.  Jayne and I worked together on many occasions before I left for Holland- we even shot a wedding together the month I left!  We have similar styles and overlapping talents- but more on that later.

The first session I worked with Jayne was for a local family of four, including lively 3 year-old Everett and his sweet 2 month-old sister Natalie.  They were such a treat- Natalie even fell asleep for us for awhile, which always yields such peaceful portraits.

I love collaboration- how creative minds can produce exponentially more than they can alone!  It’s also an inspiration to witness Jayne in action- she is incredible at what she does, and watching kids light up for her is such a treat.  Fortunately for me, I have been able to help Jayne alot over the past month and a half, and we have a few exciting projects coming up – stay tuned!