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AlphaBet Club, Amsterdam

One of my favorite, FAVORITE clients from my stay in the Netherlands was the AlphaBet Club, a non-profit social group that raises funds to open schools with the Room To Read organization.  They meet about once a month in a different location each time, and it’s a great mix of Dutch and expatriates from all over the world.  I love event coverage, and when the head of their organization, Troy Swanson, approached me to photograph events for them I leapt at the chance!

With our stay in Holland cut short I was only able to cover three events for ABC: two bar parties at Club Up in the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam, Club Werck located near the Anne Frank house, and Disco Bowling in South Amsterdam at Knijn Bowling Alley.

Let me tell you, these people seriously know how to have fun.  There were regular ABC’ers that would take new visitors under their wings and make sure they were introduced around to enough folks so they didn’t feel like wallflowers.  They danced like maniacs, and bowled like it was league play.  But what made the group so impressive to me was the fact that towards the end of an event, one of the ABC Club Ambassadors would announce to the crowd how close they were to meeting their fund-raising goal for their current project, then they’d pass around a hat and the crowd would consistently pitch in enough money to get them at least another thousand Euros closer to their goal.  Fun people with great big hearts.  I loved them all instantly.

So, if you’re ever headed to Amsterdam, check out the ABC website to see if there’s an event going on during your stay- have fun, meet some amazing and generous people, and help out Room To Read.




Greetings, loyal Kari Noser Photography friends, family and fans!  I am back, almost unpacked and ready to photograph your smiling faces once again!

In case you have been completely out of the loop, my family was re-located to Heemstede, the Netherlands last August for what we thought would be a two-year stay.  Our trip was cut short, and we returned in late July, with conflicting emotions about it all.  What an opportunity it was for all of us- my husband gained international business experience, my daughter is fluent in Dutch, and I was able to photograph people and places I only dreamed of seeing!  Adventure and personal development aside, we ached for home as much as we celebrated our location, so when the chance to return to Houston appeared, we leapt at it wholeheartedly.

So, I’m back!  Look for more adventures and developments here… there is so much more to come!