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Michelle & Victor

I love weddings.  I’m pretty sure I will start every wedding blog post with that statement, but it’s true.  That first day of two-ness.  Showing the world that you love madly, deeply, and loudly this other person before you.  I get all chill-bumpy just thinking about it!

My family is a blended family: my mom re-married when I was in college, and I got an older brother and sister out of the deal.  And a dad who understood me a little too well, as we are almost the same person.  We started out as two families, then joined as one.  It is a lucky, lucky thing.

Michelle and Victor were high school sweethearts who grew up, married other people and had families of their own.  As years passed and their marriages ended, they found each other again and discovered that the love that started in their youth was still there!  (Don’t you love a good love story?)  So, with their three children (two his, one hers), they hosted a beautiful wedding in the Heights Gazebo and tied one great big family knot.

To me, the most touching part of the entire ceremony was that family was the heart of their new union.  The daughters were the flower girls, the son the best man.  To love and care for each others’ children was woven into their vows.  The entire family lit the unity candle together.  There was even a family hug after the recessional.  Talk about chill-bumps!

So, to Michelle & Victor & the family, thanks for letting me photograph your day!


AlphaBet Club, Amsterdam

One of my favorite, FAVORITE clients from my stay in the Netherlands was the AlphaBet Club, a non-profit social group that raises funds to open schools with the Room To Read organization.  They meet about once a month in a different location each time, and it’s a great mix of Dutch and expatriates from all over the world.  I love event coverage, and when the head of their organization, Troy Swanson, approached me to photograph events for them I leapt at the chance!

With our stay in Holland cut short I was only able to cover three events for ABC: two bar parties at Club Up in the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam, Club Werck located near the Anne Frank house, and Disco Bowling in South Amsterdam at Knijn Bowling Alley.

Let me tell you, these people seriously know how to have fun.  There were regular ABC’ers that would take new visitors under their wings and make sure they were introduced around to enough folks so they didn’t feel like wallflowers.  They danced like maniacs, and bowled like it was league play.  But what made the group so impressive to me was the fact that towards the end of an event, one of the ABC Club Ambassadors would announce to the crowd how close they were to meeting their fund-raising goal for their current project, then they’d pass around a hat and the crowd would consistently pitch in enough money to get them at least another thousand Euros closer to their goal.  Fun people with great big hearts.  I loved them all instantly.

So, if you’re ever headed to Amsterdam, check out the ABC website to see if there’s an event going on during your stay- have fun, meet some amazing and generous people, and help out Room To Read.


Birth Day: Joshua

There are few things more exciting than a birth day.  Not any old birthday,  but the first one- the one that starts them all.  Nervous fathers, nervous grandparents, moms that are ready to see the person who has been giving them those 9 months of anticipation and discomfort.  Ever notice I love photographing situations with high drama?

Jayne is a fellow photographer, collaborator in k2j projects, and very close family friend.  She and her husband, Mike, let me photograph the debut of their third child- FINALLY a boy (after two girls!), and he had been hanging around a week or so after his due date, so Jayne was scheduled for induction.  I had been waiting patiently with my phone in hand for weeks for this day, and was delighted that they could actually give me a time and date to arrive to photograph Joshua’s big debut.

Jayne spent the first few hours grinning, on FaceBook via her phone, and generally cracking us all up.  Induced labor is no day at the park, though, and once active labor started, it was all business getting that baby OUT and into the arms of his parents.

Birth photography is not for the weak of heart- it is a powerful, moving experience to hear what a woman goes through bringing another life into this world.  It’s also a little like Vegas- what happens and is said in the delivery room, STAYS in the delivery room. : )

Happy birth day, Joshie- welcome to the world!


Traci and Dan


Shooting weddings with the fabulous Christine Tremoulet (http://www.christinetremoulet.com) is such an amazing experience!  Dan and Traci’s wedding was no exception- at the gorgeous St. Anthony of Padua and reception at the Woodlands Resort- it was an absolute dream.


Kat and Ryan

Rain, rain, go away.  I could hear everyone thinking it all morning as I photographed details for this outdoor wedding- ominous clouds hung in the air, though, and as we all know living in Houston, that’s pretty much a guarantee of showers.

But precipitation couldn’t dampen the spirits of this couple!  Kat and Ryan simply moved the ceremony indoors to the reception location, seated their guests and got married a few feet from their cake, rather than across the lawn.  Congratulations, you two!


Houston Dynamo Academy and SWD Productions

k1j HDA team watermarked

I know I go on and ON about how lucky I am to be surrounded by talented and amazing people, but there’s a good reason for it- I AM!  For example, let’s take the folks at SWD Productions.  I had the pleasure of working with SWD last year on their entry in the Houston 24 Hour Film Project.  Not to brag, but I even got to be IN the movie.  How many photographers do YOU know with their own IMDB page?

k1j outfits watermarkedSWD was one of the first people to ask me for time since my return to the US, and I gladly agreed- their latest project is a documentary on the Houston Dynamo Academy, a development league for youth soccer players aspiring to play MLS soccer.  You can check out a local news piece on their project on their website, or if you’re going to the Dynamo game on October 11th, look for the trailer at halftime on the jumbotron!

Jesse Yoburn (another obnoxiously talented friend of mine) and I grabbed our gear and covered the Dynamo Academy Under 18 youth team’s game under our k2j photography nom de plume on September 19th, after the Dynamo win over Salt Lake.  Ok, we actually shot both games, which we were totally geeked out about.  I don’t think many photo passes have been as well-documented as ours.  Also, the wardrobe was kind of awesome.  I wish I had the color version of this image- the mesh vests we were wearing were not only sized for an average hippopotamus, but were day-glow yellow.  We put the “hot” in… well, we stood out, that’s for sure!

Jesse rented a monsterous 300mm 2.8 lens, and we shot and shot and shot for eight hours.  What an experience- sidelines at a Major League Soccer game, and then to see a team of youth that are headed for MLS in their future!  Those kids played with their hearts, and their parents were beaming from the stands.  Just phenomenal all around.