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Welcome to the world, little one.  May your life be filled with love, joy and happiness beyond your parents’ wildest dreams.



(Digital birth announcements now available with Kari Noser Photography Birth Day coverage!)

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Waiting for “Nugget”

Pregnant.  Expecting.  It’s funny how you can use those words to describe the mother-to-be, and also the atmosphere in her home- waiting, longing for this new baby to make her debut.  For these two amazing and wonderful parents-to-be, they are sharing the wait, the longing, the suspense: baby’s name is a surprise to be revealed on her upcoming birth day.  So, in the meantime, we all call her Nugget, and dream of what she will look like.


Missing Joseph

I know it’s cliche to say that I am friends with almost all my clients, but it’s true- most of the working relationships I form with my clients deepen into real friendships.  I also have friends who have turned into clients, so that helps my average.  : )

When clients are friends and life takes an unexpected turn for them, your heart will break, and your photos become significant to you outside their original purpose.  The first time it happens, you’re never the same.

This is Joseph.  He was a country-western singer and songwriter who lived in our neighborhood, and performed at many local events, including the Heights Arts Market.  My daughter and I would see him in our grocery store on a very regular basis where he would tell us stories about his late wife who he wrote love songs for, and often he would serenade us with one of his latest compositions, right there in the bread aisle, or produce, or wherever we bumped into him that day.  He wrote songs about the railroad, too, and occasionally we’d here one of those, but mostly he sang about a beautiful girl with a blue ribbon in her hair.  He was the highlight of a grocery run.

One day he asked me what I did for a living, and I told him I was a photographer.  I was just starting out, and was taking pictures of friends and family like crazy- my portfolio needed a new face badly.  Immediately, I asked him to let me take his portrait- he was one of those people who’s face matched their attitude, I don’t think I ever saw him without a big smile on his face.  I saw him bashful for the first time ever, and after a minute of convincing, he agreed.  I went to his house a week later and photographed some of my favorite portraits from my body of work.

Two months later I received a message from a mutual friend that Joseph had passed away.  My stomach instantly sank.  I still tear up thinking about it- this beautiful light in our lives was gone, and the thought of never seeing him again stabbed through my heart like a knife.  What made it worse was that he never saw the photos.  Ouch, right?  You know that knife in my heart?  It felt like someone gave it a good crank counter-clockwise.  He gave me his phone number, but never an email address.  His photos had been online for weeks, and I had printed out a few to take to his house, but didn’t make it a priority.

I took the prints to his funeral service, and gave cards to a few of his children, telling them to please email if they would be interested in copies of prints or files, whatever I could do.  Three years later, I finally found a family member to take me up on my offer, and now I feel like I can share these with you.  Here is Joseph, and he is greatly, greatly missed.