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Julian, Dan & Simeon

Sometimes a client comes along that makes you work in ways you never imagined.  Meet Julian, Dan and Simeon- three Dutch ex-pats who stole my heart!  This family offered me one of my most mentally challenging sessions- Julian (the oldest) spoke English and Dutch, Dan (the middlest) spoke only Dutch, and Simeon (the youngest) really only spoke English.  My brain worked overtime, fighting to remember basic phrases and commands that I hadn’t thought about in almost a year, peppering them in between instructions in English for the rest of the family!  We all made it through in one piece, though, and had such fun- these guys, just like most kids, LOVED my pet chicken and ran her all over the house and yard.

Silvie (aka, Mom) is a writer, and publishes a blog about her life here in America, and the challenges she faces as an ex-pat and a mother of a child with Down Syndrome.  I previously worked with her to create images to go with an article she wrote about the differences between how Texas and Holland support individuals with mental disabilites, which was published in a Dutch journal earlier this year.  She is passionate about her children, and involved with the Clear Lake Families Exploring Down Syndrome organization that I frequently volunteer for

If it’s not already apparent, Julian is (like every other kid we know) insane about SillyBandz.  I kept asking how his hand wasn’t falling off, but he assured me that he did get some blood flow to his fingers.  It was fun to watch Simeon’s parents watch Simeon- he only spoke English with me, and his parents thought it was ADORABLE to hear how well he spoke!  (Something I could relate to 100% from our time in Holland.)  Dan ran the show, though, quite literally- he is such a bundle of energy and happiness, and it was hard to keep him from expressing his excitement at times!  These three were such loving brothers, looking out for one another as they played and ran around between photos, and at the same time making each other crazy as brothers often do.  Dan managed to knock Julian down at one point causing him to really bonk his leg- the only one more concerned than Mom and Dad was Dan, though.  The sweet, loving moments between these brothers were so very wonderfully true- it was such a joy to spend the afternoon with them!


Davis and Hudson

Ready for some heartbreak?  Here is Kari Noser Photography’s very own FaceBook poster-boy, Davis, all grown up. And his totally adorable little brother Hudson.  (If you’re not already a fan of KNP on FaceBook, click here!)

One of the greatest parts of being a photographer is watching your clients grow up. Davis was one of my last clients before we moved to the Netherlands in 2008- he was just a year old, serious as a bureaucrat, and one of those big, chunky, delicious babies with the eyes of a much older soul.  Needless to say, I love him to pieces.

Now Davis is turning three, and is still very serious, but cuts loose when you put a guitar in his hands. While I was trying to photograph Hudson, Davis serenaded me with hits like “Jesus Loves Me” and “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain.” Gone are the yummy baby rolls, and in their place are all the trappings of a big boy- the words to start and express what’s going on behind those big blue eyes, a smidge of defiance, and a huge curiosity about the world around him.

Hudson is 100% different from his brother- as smiley as Davis was serious, as long and lean as Davis was pudge.

One of the tricky parts of being a photographer is that often the youngest person involved in a session can dictate what happens.  The stomach flu is going around like mad right now (so go Purell your hands after reading this!) and I had TWO sessions reschedule the same week of this shoot because of illness!  Hudson was such a trooper- his mom knew something was off with him that day, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  He wanted to smile and be happy, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  After we saw he was just getting more worn out and less happy to be photographed, I made another date to try again.  Late that night, Hudson let his family know he had the stomach flu.

If you ever wondered how on earth I get such wonderful looks from kids in my portraits, it’s because I talk a constant stream of utter nonsense while I photograph them. Some kids eat it up and give me big laughs and smiles. Others, like Davis, look at me like I’m completely insane, and they’re trying to figure out what is wrong with me.  During the warm-up time before I started shooting, Davis showed me a toy with a cow on it, which created this entire conversation I held with him about his pet cow- where he keeps his cow, what he feeds his cow, where he got his pet cow… Davis, in his no-nonsense way of things, kept trying to tell me that he has NO pet cow, and that cows live on farms.  Disregarding his total grip on reality, I continued to ask what his cow’s name is, and if it takes a bath in the bathtub, etc.  Well, you can see in the gallery below just how things progressed.


Thomas, Kate & Mary Ellen

Aren’t they adorable?  This is one of my FAVORITE families – and no, I don’t say that about just anyone.  Just all my clients.  : )

But it’s true that I hold these sweet folks dear to my heart – I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Angela since we were in college, and we re-connected when our children became best friends in their 1st grade class last year.  If Thomas and Meg do get married (as they have told us they will), these will be her in-laws!  She’d have to be insanely lucky to do better, that’s for certain!

Thomas is a very good big brother, considering he’s outnumbered.  He has a very healthy love for Scooby-Doo cartoons, but also can play house, begrudgingly.  Kate and Mary Ellen do take it easy on him, though, and Kate is more likely to tag along with big brother if there’s fun involved.  But, oh, that Mary Ellen.  So curious.  So happy.  And just pulling up to stand, so you know she’s getting ready to be trouble!


The H Family, In Three Parts. (Soon To Be Four!)


(Part One!)  New baby excitement strikes even the youngest face in this wonderful family!  “We don’t know what the baby is going to be!” she declared.  As she pressed her ear to her mommy’s round tummy, I asked, Would it be an alligator?  A dinosaur?  A kangaroo?  A pumpkin?  Big sister Kaitlyn giggled and giggled as we talked about the family’s upcoming new member, who was a complete mystery.  She assured me it would be a person, just a little baby person.

She had answers for all my questions.  She was an absolute baby expert!  The baby will sleep in their own room, and it’s yellow.  The baby won’t take her toys at first, they will be too little.  The baby won’t boss her around, that’s HER job.  When the baby is older, of course.

Her wait was almost over… just a few days after our session her baby sister was born.


Raphael and Gabriel

IMG_5266I love kids with big personalities.  Kids who have ideas and aren’t afraid to share them.  Kids who speak and you catch a glimpse into the hilarious world that is their brain.  Kids with vocabularies that make your eyebrows hit your hairline.

Meet Raphael- he’s five.  From the minute our session started, he was Mister Communication- he had ideas about what he thought would look good, how to get his brother to be still, what he should be wearing, and I loved every second of it!  At the end of the session, he took over- changed into a tie and newsboy hat and hammed it up BIG time for me.

Isn’t little Gabriel a doll?  I love toddler giggles, and the wonder that so easily fills their eyes.  It was so easy to capture the love that radiated from each of them in their family shots, they’re such a sweet family, and an absolute joy to work with.


Bella and Antonio

KBN5D_332222Meet Antonio, Bella and their parents.  Such a fun family – there is a lot of love and silliness in this house!

My latest shoots with Jayne have put me on the floor- literally.  With her tummy growing bigger and bigger with baby, she can’t get down low for face-to-face time any more!  So I hit the floor with Antonio to discuss trains, Halloween and what he does to torment his big sister.  I’m sorry I didn’t get much lens time with Bella, but at the time I was having far too much fun to notice!


Alex, Andrew and Mattie

Business Card KBN5D_31374Three boys.  THREE boys.  Three BOYS.  Alex just turned six, Andrew is almost four, and Mattie will be two.  They are a force to be reckoned with- three little whirling dervishes, tasmanian devils in Gap Kids clothes, a box of Super Bouncy Balls dropped in a tiled room!  (Needless to say, their mother is a total saint.)

But oh, how much FUN they are!  Alex learned all the words to “On Top of Spagehtti” and was our savior in keeping the younger brothers from running away.  Mattie kept tabs on where the football was, and was enchanted by the birds that live in my camera.  But Andrew… oh, where do I start with Andrew?  He kept trying to keep us safe from the sharks and terrible pirates, no matter how many times we told him that BOTH sharks AND pirates take a nap during the morning.  Maybe I have a soft spot for the middle child, but I just thought he was the cutest thing!  I know parents can’t pick favorites, but can their photographer?

(PS – These brothers have the honor of gracing the front of not ONE, but TWO of my new buisness card styles!  The first is above, the second in the gallery below. )




The latest Jayne Maltbie (http://www.jaynemaltbie.com) and Kari Noser Photography collaboration was for a hilarious 5-year-old named Brett who kept us on our toes, yet made our job so easy!  With all the babies and toddlers we’d been working with, it was fun to have a conversation with our subject for a change!  Don’t those big brown eyes just melt your heart?