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Kathryn & Ryan

My husband’s family went to northeast Texas this weekend to be part of a wonderful surprise engagement this weekend, and I was so lucky to serve as the event photographer!  Ryan, my sister-in-law Kathryn’s boyfriend, had spent the last 3 months putting together an impressively planned-out proposal, and we all were able to keep it secret from her, which is a miracle!

Ryan popped the question at his dad’s ranch, a property he grew up going to for weekends to run amok in nature with his family, and then later bringing his daughters to do the same.  They brought Kathryn out there under the guise of a relaxing weekend away, and she was looking forward to their rituals- a long walk down the county road adjacent to the property, riding the go-kart with the girls and being “unplugged” for a few days from phones and internet.

Needless to say, she didn’t get that quiet weekend.  I think she’s ok with that. :)

Our family drove up Saturday morning, then hid in a nearby park until we got the “all clear” to head over to the ranch, hid our cars at the neighbor’s house and then we waited while Ryan and Kathryn finished their walk.  I hid upstairs in the main house, which is under construction, and photographed everything out the upstairs balcony.  After Kathryn said yes, the entire family cheered from the front porch of the Bird Cottage, and then the hugs, congratulations, and celebration began!

The most beautiful part of the entire proposal to me was the involvement of Ryan’s three daughters- all three participated by giving Kathryn a flower and a huge hug, and the oldest daughter was one of the primary secret-keepers as well as the sneaky ring-deliverer!  (If you look closely during the slideshow below, you will see her holding the ring box behind her back, and the sneaky hand-off to Ryan behind Kathryn’s head as she hugs her- great job, Haley!!)  Those four people are the world to Kathryn, and it was very evident that the feeling is mutual.  The youngest told Kathryn, “Thank you for loving us so much” as she handed over her flower- that puts tears in my eyes every time I think about it!


(PS- large video files, give them a few minutes to load…)

Wagoneers Return!

For those of you not in the know, the Wagoneers are back.

Awarded “Best New Band” at the 1988 Austin Music Awards, the Wagoneers were once the hottest live act in Austin with a sweet, two-record deal on A&M and a rockabilly kick to their home-grown Texas country style.  Despite critical acclaim for their music, fumbles in promotion and confusion at the label on who to market this well-sideburned group of musicians to outside the Lone Star State.  They are considered to be one of the pioneers of the alt-country movement,  paving the way for groups like Uncle Tupelo or Lyle Lovett, but trailblazing couldn’t prevent poor album sales and perceived commercial failure, and shortly after the release of the second album they disbanded.

But ladies and gentlemen, THEY ARE BACK.

The charismatic Monte Warden has returned to lead vocals, busy during the break with a solo career and award-winning songwriting for artists like George Strait, Patty Loveless and Travis Tritt among others, and has retained all the youthful energy from the Wagoneers early days.  Brent Wilson spent some time beside Monte in “The Lone Sharks” and then later was hired around for his ear-catching lead guitar riffs.  Tom Lewis still drums with the band he formed after the Wagoneers, Heybale!, which is another Austin institution.  Only bassist Craig Pettigrew jumped out of the music world and into the driver’s seat of an Austin Metro bus, but now balances time between the Wagoneers and Chaparral.

Newly-inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame at SXSW this year, the Wags have been playing to audiences packed with die-hard fans as well as new faces, some born after the group went their separate ways in 1990.  Not only did they crank out a killer set at the SXSW Music Awards, they packed the Continental Club in Austin twice in a month and nearly filled Waterloo Records to capacity with their in-store performance in April.  With one successful Gruene Hall appearance in June, and another planned for September, here’s hoping that they will find their way into a studio in the near future to follow-up the release of “The Essential Wagoneers” with some of the new music they’ve tested the waters with this summer

Why so excited about the reappearance of an old band from Austin?  Being the lead singer’s kid sister may have a teeny bit to do with it.

Wagoneers Austin Music Awards 2011


Wagoneers Continental Club, Houston & Austin, April 2011


Wagoneers In-Store, Waterloo Records, May 2011


Wagoneers Gruene Hall, June 2011



Welcome to the world, little one.  May your life be filled with love, joy and happiness beyond your parents’ wildest dreams.



(Digital birth announcements now available with Kari Noser Photography Birth Day coverage!)

http://www.karinoserphotography.com/wp-contents/uploads/2011/03/TJCY.m4v  (for the flash-impaired)

Beloved Sessions by Kari Noser Photography

I’ve made you all wait long enough.  I broadcast a teaser message on New Year’s Day that big changes are coming for Kari Noser Photography this year.  I wasn’t fooling.  Get ready, ’cause here they come!

Last year at the Wedding and Portrait Professional International convention I was exposed to a style of photography that I felt fit not only my style as a photographer and artist, but my personality and education in Psychology.   These sessions are departures from traditional portrait sessions- they revolve around celebrating the relationship between the subjects, allowing them to rediscover and experience the gift they are to one another through invitation into various situations and conversation.  The results are warm, emotionally honest images to treasure and re-live your experience through.

Over the last 9 months I have been learning more about and experimenting with this new style, and I am proud to announce that I am now taking bookings for couples wanting to embark on a Beloved experience.  This is for anyone in a loving relationship, no matter who you are, no matter in what stage that relationship may be.

Beloved sessions take at least 2 hours and are held on-location in and around Houston (travel outside Houston is available for an additional charge).  For more information, please contact beloved@karinoserphotography.com

Celebrate.  Connect.  Renew.

Be loved.


Waiting for “Nugget”

Pregnant.  Expecting.  It’s funny how you can use those words to describe the mother-to-be, and also the atmosphere in her home- waiting, longing for this new baby to make her debut.  For these two amazing and wonderful parents-to-be, they are sharing the wait, the longing, the suspense: baby’s name is a surprise to be revealed on her upcoming birth day.  So, in the meantime, we all call her Nugget, and dream of what she will look like.


Missing Joseph

I know it’s cliche to say that I am friends with almost all my clients, but it’s true- most of the working relationships I form with my clients deepen into real friendships.  I also have friends who have turned into clients, so that helps my average.  : )

When clients are friends and life takes an unexpected turn for them, your heart will break, and your photos become significant to you outside their original purpose.  The first time it happens, you’re never the same.

This is Joseph.  He was a country-western singer and songwriter who lived in our neighborhood, and performed at many local events, including the Heights Arts Market.  My daughter and I would see him in our grocery store on a very regular basis where he would tell us stories about his late wife who he wrote love songs for, and often he would serenade us with one of his latest compositions, right there in the bread aisle, or produce, or wherever we bumped into him that day.  He wrote songs about the railroad, too, and occasionally we’d here one of those, but mostly he sang about a beautiful girl with a blue ribbon in her hair.  He was the highlight of a grocery run.

One day he asked me what I did for a living, and I told him I was a photographer.  I was just starting out, and was taking pictures of friends and family like crazy- my portfolio needed a new face badly.  Immediately, I asked him to let me take his portrait- he was one of those people who’s face matched their attitude, I don’t think I ever saw him without a big smile on his face.  I saw him bashful for the first time ever, and after a minute of convincing, he agreed.  I went to his house a week later and photographed some of my favorite portraits from my body of work.

Two months later I received a message from a mutual friend that Joseph had passed away.  My stomach instantly sank.  I still tear up thinking about it- this beautiful light in our lives was gone, and the thought of never seeing him again stabbed through my heart like a knife.  What made it worse was that he never saw the photos.  Ouch, right?  You know that knife in my heart?  It felt like someone gave it a good crank counter-clockwise.  He gave me his phone number, but never an email address.  His photos had been online for weeks, and I had printed out a few to take to his house, but didn’t make it a priority.

I took the prints to his funeral service, and gave cards to a few of his children, telling them to please email if they would be interested in copies of prints or files, whatever I could do.  Three years later, I finally found a family member to take me up on my offer, and now I feel like I can share these with you.  Here is Joseph, and he is greatly, greatly missed.



Is two a kid or a toddler?  Those first forays into independence.  Mastery of the word “no!”  The start of communicating exactly what’s going on inside that cute little head.  No longer teetering and unsure in step, but running, and often running and multitasking, like shouting “no!” or dragging something along for the ride.  Two is so close to kid, but just not quite.


Abi is SO very two- with her curiosity about the world around her, bold independent streak and firm grasp of “no!”  But with that, a wider streak of sweetness, and those blue eyes and chunky cheeks, and her Doh-doh monkey in tow.  Considering it was about 98 degrees that day, Abi was a real trooper and handled the short bouts of shooting peppered with trips to sit in the air-conditioned car and sip Sprite and eat Goldfish to recharge from the heat.


Kathryn, Actress Extraordinaire

Actors and Actresses make some of the best subjects!  I’m lucky to have one in my family- meet my multi-talented sister-in-law, Kathryn.  Kathryn was in need of new headshots after returning to her natural hair color for a series of productions at Main Street Theater, so of course I obliged!


Michelle & Victor

I love weddings.  I’m pretty sure I will start every wedding blog post with that statement, but it’s true.  That first day of two-ness.  Showing the world that you love madly, deeply, and loudly this other person before you.  I get all chill-bumpy just thinking about it!

My family is a blended family: my mom re-married when I was in college, and I got an older brother and sister out of the deal.  And a dad who understood me a little too well, as we are almost the same person.  We started out as two families, then joined as one.  It is a lucky, lucky thing.

Michelle and Victor were high school sweethearts who grew up, married other people and had families of their own.  As years passed and their marriages ended, they found each other again and discovered that the love that started in their youth was still there!  (Don’t you love a good love story?)  So, with their three children (two his, one hers), they hosted a beautiful wedding in the Heights Gazebo and tied one great big family knot.

To me, the most touching part of the entire ceremony was that family was the heart of their new union.  The daughters were the flower girls, the son the best man.  To love and care for each others’ children was woven into their vows.  The entire family lit the unity candle together.  There was even a family hug after the recessional.  Talk about chill-bumps!

So, to Michelle & Victor & the family, thanks for letting me photograph your day!


Julian, Dan & Simeon

Sometimes a client comes along that makes you work in ways you never imagined.  Meet Julian, Dan and Simeon- three Dutch ex-pats who stole my heart!  This family offered me one of my most mentally challenging sessions- Julian (the oldest) spoke English and Dutch, Dan (the middlest) spoke only Dutch, and Simeon (the youngest) really only spoke English.  My brain worked overtime, fighting to remember basic phrases and commands that I hadn’t thought about in almost a year, peppering them in between instructions in English for the rest of the family!  We all made it through in one piece, though, and had such fun- these guys, just like most kids, LOVED my pet chicken and ran her all over the house and yard.

Silvie (aka, Mom) is a writer, and publishes a blog about her life here in America, and the challenges she faces as an ex-pat and a mother of a child with Down Syndrome.  I previously worked with her to create images to go with an article she wrote about the differences between how Texas and Holland support individuals with mental disabilites, which was published in a Dutch journal earlier this year.  She is passionate about her children, and involved with the Clear Lake Families Exploring Down Syndrome organization that I frequently volunteer for

If it’s not already apparent, Julian is (like every other kid we know) insane about SillyBandz.  I kept asking how his hand wasn’t falling off, but he assured me that he did get some blood flow to his fingers.  It was fun to watch Simeon’s parents watch Simeon- he only spoke English with me, and his parents thought it was ADORABLE to hear how well he spoke!  (Something I could relate to 100% from our time in Holland.)  Dan ran the show, though, quite literally- he is such a bundle of energy and happiness, and it was hard to keep him from expressing his excitement at times!  These three were such loving brothers, looking out for one another as they played and ran around between photos, and at the same time making each other crazy as brothers often do.  Dan managed to knock Julian down at one point causing him to really bonk his leg- the only one more concerned than Mom and Dad was Dan, though.  The sweet, loving moments between these brothers were so very wonderfully true- it was such a joy to spend the afternoon with them!


Davis and Hudson

Ready for some heartbreak?  Here is Kari Noser Photography’s very own FaceBook poster-boy, Davis, all grown up. And his totally adorable little brother Hudson.  (If you’re not already a fan of KNP on FaceBook, click here!)

One of the greatest parts of being a photographer is watching your clients grow up. Davis was one of my last clients before we moved to the Netherlands in 2008- he was just a year old, serious as a bureaucrat, and one of those big, chunky, delicious babies with the eyes of a much older soul.  Needless to say, I love him to pieces.

Now Davis is turning three, and is still very serious, but cuts loose when you put a guitar in his hands. While I was trying to photograph Hudson, Davis serenaded me with hits like “Jesus Loves Me” and “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain.” Gone are the yummy baby rolls, and in their place are all the trappings of a big boy- the words to start and express what’s going on behind those big blue eyes, a smidge of defiance, and a huge curiosity about the world around him.

Hudson is 100% different from his brother- as smiley as Davis was serious, as long and lean as Davis was pudge.

One of the tricky parts of being a photographer is that often the youngest person involved in a session can dictate what happens.  The stomach flu is going around like mad right now (so go Purell your hands after reading this!) and I had TWO sessions reschedule the same week of this shoot because of illness!  Hudson was such a trooper- his mom knew something was off with him that day, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  He wanted to smile and be happy, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  After we saw he was just getting more worn out and less happy to be photographed, I made another date to try again.  Late that night, Hudson let his family know he had the stomach flu.

If you ever wondered how on earth I get such wonderful looks from kids in my portraits, it’s because I talk a constant stream of utter nonsense while I photograph them. Some kids eat it up and give me big laughs and smiles. Others, like Davis, look at me like I’m completely insane, and they’re trying to figure out what is wrong with me.  During the warm-up time before I started shooting, Davis showed me a toy with a cow on it, which created this entire conversation I held with him about his pet cow- where he keeps his cow, what he feeds his cow, where he got his pet cow… Davis, in his no-nonsense way of things, kept trying to tell me that he has NO pet cow, and that cows live on farms.  Disregarding his total grip on reality, I continued to ask what his cow’s name is, and if it takes a bath in the bathtub, etc.  Well, you can see in the gallery below just how things progressed.


Welcoming Zane


How about that smile?!?  Doesn’t it just melt your heart?  Meet Zane, who has eyes as blue as a brand-new pair of Levi’s 501 jeans.  This sleepy little man was just a few days from being baptized, so I came over to take his announcement photos and just fell in love.  With Zane?  Well, of course.  I’m a sucker for a pair of deep blue peepers.  But also with Ellie, his Irish Wolfhound big sister, who I got to hang around with while Zane did some wardrobe changes.

Thomas, Kate & Mary Ellen

Aren’t they adorable?  This is one of my FAVORITE families – and no, I don’t say that about just anyone.  Just all my clients.  : )

But it’s true that I hold these sweet folks dear to my heart – I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Angela since we were in college, and we re-connected when our children became best friends in their 1st grade class last year.  If Thomas and Meg do get married (as they have told us they will), these will be her in-laws!  She’d have to be insanely lucky to do better, that’s for certain!

Thomas is a very good big brother, considering he’s outnumbered.  He has a very healthy love for Scooby-Doo cartoons, but also can play house, begrudgingly.  Kate and Mary Ellen do take it easy on him, though, and Kate is more likely to tag along with big brother if there’s fun involved.  But, oh, that Mary Ellen.  So curious.  So happy.  And just pulling up to stand, so you know she’s getting ready to be trouble!


Amelia, 3 Months

I love having Baby Plan clients- getting to see these beautiful babies every 3 months or so, capturing the fantastic stages of babyhood: maternity bellies, newborn sighs, first smiles, proud push-ups, energetic crawling, bold first steps.  You may recognize Miss Amelia from her newborn debut just a few months back, or you may not- now that she has shed the sleepiness of those first three months, her eyes are open wide, and her smile is making parents and rooms light up!  This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of this blue-eyed beauty, so stay tuned!


AlphaBet Club, Amsterdam

One of my favorite, FAVORITE clients from my stay in the Netherlands was the AlphaBet Club, a non-profit social group that raises funds to open schools with the Room To Read organization.  They meet about once a month in a different location each time, and it’s a great mix of Dutch and expatriates from all over the world.  I love event coverage, and when the head of their organization, Troy Swanson, approached me to photograph events for them I leapt at the chance!

With our stay in Holland cut short I was only able to cover three events for ABC: two bar parties at Club Up in the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam, Club Werck located near the Anne Frank house, and Disco Bowling in South Amsterdam at Knijn Bowling Alley.

Let me tell you, these people seriously know how to have fun.  There were regular ABC’ers that would take new visitors under their wings and make sure they were introduced around to enough folks so they didn’t feel like wallflowers.  They danced like maniacs, and bowled like it was league play.  But what made the group so impressive to me was the fact that towards the end of an event, one of the ABC Club Ambassadors would announce to the crowd how close they were to meeting their fund-raising goal for their current project, then they’d pass around a hat and the crowd would consistently pitch in enough money to get them at least another thousand Euros closer to their goal.  Fun people with great big hearts.  I loved them all instantly.

So, if you’re ever headed to Amsterdam, check out the ABC website to see if there’s an event going on during your stay- have fun, meet some amazing and generous people, and help out Room To Read.


Galvan Family

Generations make for warm photo sessions, no matter the temperature. I love seeing grandchildren bring a glow to grandparents’ faces, a proud father with his children, the bond between siblings both young and grown.  Just look at these proud parents- three boys, three daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren all under their roof for the holidays.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  To mark the occasion, we all headed out to the park and played in the freezing, but beautiful, sunny December morning.


Holiday Closures for 2009

IMG_0456I can’t believe that 2009 is almost over!  And it hardly seems like we’ve been back in the states for five months already- time sure has flown, and fast!

With the end of the year holidays fast approaching, I wanted to broadcast my last order dates and holiday schedule for the end of the year.

Last day to order Holiday Cards for 12/20 delivery – December 12th

Last day to order Holiday Gift Prints for 12/20 delivery – December 15th

Last day for portrait sessions in 2009 – December 19th (these sessions do NOT guarantee prints or holiday cards by 12/20)

As of December 20th, Kari Noser Photography will be on vacation until January 5th, 2010.  I will be available only for newborn or maternity sessions during that time period, due to their unpredictable nature.  I look forward to seeing all of you in 2010, and keep an eye out for a big announcement for new products, new props, and a brand new, hilariously fun program that I hope you all will get involved with!  Keep an eye out for my New Year’s Announcements, coming soon!

We wish all of you a warm and wonderful ending to 2009- holidays filled with laughter, loved ones, and loads of magic- and a beautiful new beginning to 2010!

Birth Day: Joshua

There are few things more exciting than a birth day.  Not any old birthday,  but the first one- the one that starts them all.  Nervous fathers, nervous grandparents, moms that are ready to see the person who has been giving them those 9 months of anticipation and discomfort.  Ever notice I love photographing situations with high drama?

Jayne is a fellow photographer, collaborator in k2j projects, and very close family friend.  She and her husband, Mike, let me photograph the debut of their third child- FINALLY a boy (after two girls!), and he had been hanging around a week or so after his due date, so Jayne was scheduled for induction.  I had been waiting patiently with my phone in hand for weeks for this day, and was delighted that they could actually give me a time and date to arrive to photograph Joshua’s big debut.

Jayne spent the first few hours grinning, on FaceBook via her phone, and generally cracking us all up.  Induced labor is no day at the park, though, and once active labor started, it was all business getting that baby OUT and into the arms of his parents.

Birth photography is not for the weak of heart- it is a powerful, moving experience to hear what a woman goes through bringing another life into this world.  It’s also a little like Vegas- what happens and is said in the delivery room, STAYS in the delivery room. : )

Happy birth day, Joshie- welcome to the world!


Baby Amelia

IMG_8295(The H Family, Part Two!)  Whisper-soft baby skin.  Tiny little sounds.  Sweet baby smell.  Who would guess that I LOVE being a photographer almost as much as I love babies?  Just a few short weeks after my first session with the H family I came back to photograph the newest addition, little Miss Amelia.

This was such a fun session- with silly, ham-sandwich Kaitlyn who is super-proud of her baby sister, and mom glowing with joy for her family… and Amelia, just absolutely perfect.  Stay tuned for part three!


Traci and Dan


Shooting weddings with the fabulous Christine Tremoulet (http://www.christinetremoulet.com) is such an amazing experience!  Dan and Traci’s wedding was no exception- at the gorgeous St. Anthony of Padua and reception at the Woodlands Resort- it was an absolute dream.


The H Family, In Three Parts. (Soon To Be Four!)


(Part One!)  New baby excitement strikes even the youngest face in this wonderful family!  “We don’t know what the baby is going to be!” she declared.  As she pressed her ear to her mommy’s round tummy, I asked, Would it be an alligator?  A dinosaur?  A kangaroo?  A pumpkin?  Big sister Kaitlyn giggled and giggled as we talked about the family’s upcoming new member, who was a complete mystery.  She assured me it would be a person, just a little baby person.

She had answers for all my questions.  She was an absolute baby expert!  The baby will sleep in their own room, and it’s yellow.  The baby won’t take her toys at first, they will be too little.  The baby won’t boss her around, that’s HER job.  When the baby is older, of course.

Her wait was almost over… just a few days after our session her baby sister was born.


Raphael and Gabriel

IMG_5266I love kids with big personalities.  Kids who have ideas and aren’t afraid to share them.  Kids who speak and you catch a glimpse into the hilarious world that is their brain.  Kids with vocabularies that make your eyebrows hit your hairline.

Meet Raphael- he’s five.  From the minute our session started, he was Mister Communication- he had ideas about what he thought would look good, how to get his brother to be still, what he should be wearing, and I loved every second of it!  At the end of the session, he took over- changed into a tie and newsboy hat and hammed it up BIG time for me.

Isn’t little Gabriel a doll?  I love toddler giggles, and the wonder that so easily fills their eyes.  It was so easy to capture the love that radiated from each of them in their family shots, they’re such a sweet family, and an absolute joy to work with.



KBN5D_334529I know, right?  Isn’t she so sqooshably delicious and chunky?!?  And what a complete doll- I never saw her have an unhappy moment the whole morning!  Miss Peyton was a delight to work with- she was older than I typically see for a newborn session at a little over 6 weeks old, and smiled and smiled for us all.  Adorable baby, beautiful family, gorgeous weather- everything you could possibly want for a session!


Sunset Couple’s Session

KBN5D_334199Couple’s sessions are so amazing to me- a pair who, even after years of marriage and children, still take time out to celebrate the union that began their journey together.  Kimberley and Peter let Jayne (www.jaynemaltbie.com) and I tag along to take a few shots on their date night, and we had such a gorgeous sunset!  I enjoyed watching them find quiet in each other’s company, and enjoy the stillness of being just two.  These are no run-of-the-mill parents, after all.  These are the creators of Alex, Andrew and Mattie.  These people need downtime!  They DESERVE some peace!